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???? Embracing Sustainability: A Packaging Change????

We are thrilled to announce a significant change in our packaging approach, as we bid farewell to corflute and embrace the eco-friendly charm of cardboard boxes! ????????

At PosterBox, we have always believed in the power of progress and the responsibility to protect our planet. With this transition, we aim to take a significant stride towards reducing our environmental footprint and championing sustainability.

Here are a few key environmental benefits we're proud to highlight:

1️⃣ Renewable and Recyclable: Cardboard boxes are crafted from sustainably sourced materials, making them an excellent choice for minimizing our impact on forests. These boxes are recyclable, ensuring they can be transformed into new products instead of ending up in landfills.

2️⃣ Lower Carbon Emissions: By choosing cardboard boxes, we are reducing our carbon footprint significantly. Cardboard production emits fewer greenhouse gases compared to other materials, such as plastics. This change allows us to contribute to the fight against climate change.

3️⃣ Versatile and Efficient: Cardboard boxes offer immense flexibility in terms of shape, size, and design. This versatility optimizes packaging space, reducing the need for excess materials and minimizing transportation costs. It's a win-win for our operations and the environment

4️⃣ Enhanced Customer Experience: We believe that sustainable choices can also provide an improved customer experience. Our cardboard packaging is lightweight, easy to handle, and ensures the safe arrival of your favorite products. Unboxing has never been so eco-friendly and enjoyable!

5️⃣ Promoting Circular Economy: By embracing cardboard boxes, we actively contribute to the circular economy. We encourage our customers to recycle and upcycle the packaging, giving it a new life as storage solutions, arts and crafts projects, or even compost material for gardening.

We are thrilled about this packaging change and the positive impact it will have on our environment. By making this change, we join the collective effort to preserve our planet for future generations.

Together, let's continue to innovate and adopt sustainable practices that empower us to make a difference. Thank you for joining us on this exciting journey towards a greener future! ????????


PosterBox understands that the printing of posters and our business operations have an impact on the environment. In acknowledging this we have made a commitment to minimise this impact.

Becoming an environmentally aware printer is a comprehensive process. We are making significant changes to our business to minimise our environmental impact. Our goal is to minimise impact on the environment wherever we can.

Update June 2023.

Proudly introduced our first recycled stock - Matt Coated Recycled 200gsm and our first tree free media, Yuppo.

What we are doing right now.

  • PosterBox uses solar power as part of our electricity consumption
  • Using FSC Papers where possible.
  • Recycling all cardboard boxes and paper
  • Print with HP Latex Printers (more information below) and Canon water based inks
  • Minimising the use of plastic in our packing materials
  • Reducing waste
  • HP Certified EcoSolutions Trained Printing Partner

What we are doing in the near future.

  • Provide easy to understand environmental information about all our media
  • Recycling of ink cartridges

We want to continually wanting to improve, for us, for you and for the environment.

A commitment to more sustainable printing

End-to-end sustainability—a better approach

HP Latex Technology delivers all the certifications that matter to our customers and the environment.Using water-based inks eliminates exposure to inks with hazard warning labels and high solvent concentrations, and simplifies ventilation, storage, and transportation requirements.

Our HP Latex Printer

  • Whether you’re concerned about regulations or you are becoming more green-sensitive you may be interested in the environmental advantages of HP Latex against eco-solvent technology. As part of one of the most sustainable companies in the world, HP Latex continues to lead the change in sustainable signage printing.HP Latex environmental benefits vs. ecosolvent


Better for printing operators

Better for printing operators

Using water-based inks eliminates exposure to inks with hazard warning labels and high solvent concentrations, and simplifies ventilation, storage, and transportation requirements.

Better for the end-customer

Better for the you

HP Latex printers produce odorless prints—ideal for sensitive indoor environments like schools and hospitals— HP Latex ink can go where solvent and UV-curable inks can’t.

Better for the environment

Better for the environment

Innovative solutions from HP Latex consider environmental impact in the design of every product throughout the entire lifecycle, from design, manufacturing, use, and end of life.

Environmental compliance and credentials

HP Latex Technology carries a broad set of credentials addressing the full spectrum of environmental concerns; from ink chemistry and indoor air quality—for both print production and display—to lifecycle considerations, earning recognition for products as environmentally preferred overall.HP Latex Printing Technology – Environmental certifications and eco-labels overview




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